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Female Service Casualties
A Research Project
by Anthony Murphy


I have an interest in recording details of female service casualties and those working in conjunction with the armed services, including civilians, who died as result of armed conflict – on official duty or unusual unavoidable circumstances.

Each of my ladies has her own personal profile that includes, where possible, a photograph of the lady, her grave, memorials on which she is commemorated and any other relevant photo or document. All attachments to the profile are acknowledged to the originator or donor.

My project is not commercial it is my own personal way of commemorating these unfortunate ladies and will hopefully, eventually, be donated to an appropriate archive as a permanent memorial.

The project goes back in time to when ladies, other than ‘camp followers’ went with the troops primarily in an unofficial nursing capacity, in many cases wives of the soldiers. So far I am only back to the Crimea.

Any assistance will be gratefully accepted.


Tony Murphy

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