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The Channel Islands and the Great War
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Special Constables - Guernsey

Presentation to the Honorary Special Constables of Guernsey
by SIR EDWARD C. OZANNE, K.B.E., Bailiff.


"Gentlemen," said Sir Edward: "At the outbreak of war, volunteers came forward in thousands to go out and fight the enemy in the trenches. We have recently been commemorating with gratitude and pride those who gave up their lives for King and Country. Many, on account of age, ill-health or other causes, were denied the privilege of fighting at the front. They, however, volunteered to fight at home. Theirs was not a bloody fight, but they fought for God and country in factories, on committees, even in their armchairs fighting with their brains. There was another class, those who remained at home doing nothing but making money, shirking their duty, to their everlasting disgrace.

You, gentlemen, were denied the privilege of going out to meet the enemy, but you volunteered to do your bit. You did not know what might happen, and though it turned out that you had to face no dangers-we now know that if Germany had succeeded in obtaining command of the Channel, Guernsey was marked out for seizure-and you were willing to risk your lives, if need be.

Yours was an irksome duty, visiting aliens, and patrolling in all weathers. His Majesty thanks you, I thank you for your services. You did your duty, and your consciences are clear. I regret that Colonel Collings, who, at the outbreak of hostilities, was appointed Head Special Constable and Co-Adjutor, acting as intermediary between H.E. and the Constables, is unable to be present with us this evening. The public little know what quiet useful work he did" (applause).

"I also regret that death has removed three gentlemen to whom medals have been awarded and that I have not the pleasure of handing them their medals: Messrs. J.A. Moon, T. Hart, and A.E. Dupuy."

The recipients' names were then called out by the Bailiff's Clerk, Mr. A.W. Hodder, and the medals were handed to them by the Bailiff, who shook hands with and congratulated each one.

At the close Mr. P. Gallienne, the Hon. Secretary, addressed the Bailiff, thanking him on behalf of the Force, for his kind words of appreciation, and for he trouble he had taken in the arrangements for the presentation (applause).

Special Constabulary Medal