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The Channel Islands and the Great War
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Talks by Members
November 10th 2008

GREAT WAR SONGS, POEMS & TALKS - Howard Davis Theatre, Victoria College, Jersey
Sing-a-Long with Stephanie Humphreys (Victoria College Music Dept)
Alastair Ross read 'The Hero' by Siegfried Sassoon (1916) and Wilfred Owen's Dulce et Decorum Est (1917)

Peter Tabb - A Q-Ship and a Jerseyman - a personal history
Ian Ronayne - Jersey and the Great War
Ned Malet de Carteret - Jerseymen and the war at sea 1914 - 1918

Ian Ronayne
Liz Walton, Paul & Ian Ronayne
Peter Tabb
Therese & Peter Tabb
Alastair Ross & Ned Malet de Carteret
Alastair Ross & Ned Malet de Carteret
Howard Baker surveys the fleet
Midshipman Philip Malet de Carteret