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The Channel Islands and the Great War
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Mémoires de guerre de notre grand-père,
Pierre-Marie Le Garignon

An Introduction

In his piece, "Pour La Patrie", Ian Ronayne describes the mobilisation of the French reservists in Jersey at the outbreak of the Great War. Pierre-Marie Le Garignon was one of those 2,500 plus reservists who would return to France and rejoin the colours, in his case leaving St Matthew's Farm at Coin Varin, St Peter in Jersey for the duration.

His Canadian grand-son, John Le Garignon has very kindly produced our article on Pierre-Marie:

There are no references of where Pierre-Marie served in regards to the front, but it can be assumed from some of the postcards and the Jersey Evening Post articles that he was in the Ypres and latter, the Verdun sectors.

It seems unfortunate that there is so little recorded of the 2,500 plus Jersey-Frenchmen who left the Island to serve in their Army and Navy, especially as it was advised by Jersey's Attorney-General in 1917 that some 20% of the population in 1911 were of French origin. There are however, the names of those Frenchmen who lost their lives, and these appear in Jersey's Roll of Honour and Service as well as Memorials in at least two churches - St Thomas and St Matthew.

The article is in French, however, an English translation will shortly be added and linked. If there are errors with this article they are mine through transcription.

Barrie Bertram