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German Shell Fuse

Fuse Dopp Z 91

Fuse Dopp Z 91
Double effect 45 mm fuse, without delay, Model 1891 brought back by Pte Ned Burton, RGLI.

(head only)

This double-effect fuse included a classical percussion system in the tail, and a single rotating disc time system. The graduation figures from 3 to 44 seconds, and with a cross for a pure percussion function, were engraved on the upper rotating cone.

Fully made of brass, it had a security pin (two rods) blocking the time system concutor. The arming system of the percussion device was quite special, based on the movements of a tube sheltering the starter-bearer, blocked by a powder grain ignited by the concutor at the shooting time, and therefore without any stem, unlike most of the German fuses.

That fuse mostly equipped the projectiles of the 90 mm guns (explosive and shrapnel shells)

Picture by kind permission of Mrs R. Torode (daughter).