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A Jersey War Memorial Moves*
by Sue Payn

As a "Remote Volunteer" for the War Memorials Register of the United Kingdom, I am always of the lookout for new information to send in.

French Nationals. who lived in Jersey, waited for the call to arms when WW1 broke out in 1914. This arrived late om August 1st 1914 and the first men left on August 3rd, on S.S. Laura, bound for Granville.

At the end of WW1, the congregation of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Grouville felt it was fitting to erect a memorial to its Frenchmen, who had worshipped there, and had died fighting for France. Some eighteen names were inscribed on the memorial. Some men had been born in France and some had been born in Jersey of French parents.

Time went by and the church closed to make way for housing in the 190s and the memorial was removed to La Croix Cemetery, Rue à Don, Grouville. Although in an out of the way part of the cemetery, the parish has always laid a wreath there on 11th November.

Recently, it was decided to move it to a more prominent place in the parish and a site was chosen in the churchyard of Grouville Parish Church. So, on 10th November 2018, it was dedicated in its new position there. It now stands next to the memorial remembering a skirmish in 1781 at La Rocque: a skirmish which proceded the Battle of Jersey in the Royal Square, St. Helier.

*Extracted from the Channel Islands Family History Society quarterly journal (No. 161)

Great War Memorial

St Joseph's Church French Memorial



The names of the soldiers remembered on this memorial as as follows:

Yves EVEN (born in Brittany; killed 06/09/1916)
François YRAND (married to Marie Danican; died 31/10/1915)
Adolphe Albert EUSTACHE (born in Normandy; killed 15/10/1915)
Alfred SADOT (born Grouville; died 12/07/1915)
Raymond BELHOMME (born France; died 29/06/1915)
Pierre Frederic Valentine LAMY (born Normandy; died 14/08/1917)
Yves Marie BELLEC (born Brittany; died 27/11/1915)
Louis Mathurin TANGUY (born France; 17/06/1915)
Leon LEVERDIER known as Jean Adolphe Paul Leverdier (born Normandy; died 19/07/1916)
Jules Auguste Émile LEVERDIER (born France; reportedly killed in action 03/10/1914)
Jean MORIN (born Brittany; killed 22/05/1916)
Jules BLONDEL (born St Clement; died 19/11/1914)
Auguste Louis LE BOUTILLIER (killed 28/06/1918)
Jean Charles LE COCQ (born Grouville; killed 25/03/1918)
Jean Baptiste Marie RABET (born Brittany; 30/09/1916)
Paul Joseph TIREL (killed 04/09/1916)
Émile HEBERT (born Jersey; killed 05/07/1916)


The Jersey Evening Post featured two articles on this memorial on 3rd & 5th November 2018




Grouville Parish Memorial