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Latimer T Le Poidevin

Private 656 Latimer T Le Poidevin

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Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Roll of Honour RGLI Centenary Memorials
R.G.L.I. Nominal Roll R.G.L.I. "Pals"
1st Bn. R.G.L.I. Order of Battle R.G.L.I. - external link to Guernsey Museums Service R.G.L.I. Museum
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R.G.L.I. "Follies" - "B" Coy magazine
Point-du-Jour Military Cemetery - video
The Boy Buglers of the 2nd (Reserve) Battalion "Joey's Story" - Guernsey's mascot

Read online: "Norman Ten Hundred", by A. Stanley Blicq. A Record of the
1st (SERVICE) Battalion


The Bailiwick of Guernsey Roll of Honour shows those who lost their lives